Motor Air Compressor

Indoor (SAS / SWS - S / R / V Series)


AIRMAN motor air compressor has more than 50 years of experience with Japanese customers.

In most industrial companies, energy cost savings are important.

Our advanced energy saving system can improve your cost issues, especially SMS series (Outdoor type) can be installed on outside of buildings, meaning that you do not need to prepare a compressor room inside buildings.


Air delivery (m3/min)13.9
Capacity control system2-position control + A.C.C.S. + Purge control + Automatic start/stop
Discharge pressure (MPa)0.7[7.14][102]
TypeRotating screw type, 1-stage compressed oil cooling
Lubricant oil capacity (L) 42.0
Discharge air pipe diameter A [inch]50[2"]
Output (kW) 75
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Voltage (V) 200/200・220 (400/400・440)
Starting system Star Delta
Outlet dew point (°C)10 (under pressure)
Width × Depth × Height (mm)2450×1150×1570
Weight (kg)1640
Noise level dB (A) 62
  • Air delivery is converted at intake conditions at atmospheric pressure and 30°C. As for guaranteed value of air delivery, please contact us if necessary.


  • Inverter model figures in parentheses ( ) are the setting range. The high-pressure specifications are an option at the time of manufacture.


  • Be sure to use Long-Life SP genuine Hokuetsu compressor oil.


  • The noise value is converted to anechoic chamber conditions at a distance of 1.5 m from the pump front (operating side) and a height of 1.0 m when the pump is operating at full load. Depending on the installation environment (effects of surrounding reverberation, etc.), the noise level when the system is actually installed may be higher than the level indicated here. The noise level also changes when the capacity control operation is in effect.


  • Outlet dew point is at ambient temperature of 30°C.


  • When using in cold weather regions (2°C or below), the optional tape heater is required. (Cold weather region) * A separate air tank with sufficient capacity must be installed.