Diesel Engine Air Compressor

High Pressure (PDSF/G/H/J/K)


AIRMAN diesel engine air compressor has more than 80 years experience with Japanese customers.

Our flexible and high durability compressor can be usuful for long time in Civil Construction/Foundation/ hill slope reinforcement/Water well drilling/Quarry and Mining/Shipyard (Sand blasting & Spraying)/ Oil & Gas (sand blasting, spraying, pipe leak test).

Please send your inquiry to us, our distributor will recommend you the suitable model.


TypeRotary Twin Screw,Single-Stage,Oil-cooled
Free Air Delivery [m3/min]7.5
Rated Operating Pressure [mpa][kgf/cm2][psi]0.69(7.0)(100)
Compressor oil capacity (l)30
Air Outlet Valve3/4"x 4,2"x 1(OP)
Discharge Air Temperature °c Atmospheric Temperature+20
Type (4 Cycle, Water-Cooled)Direct-Injection,Turbor-Charged
Rated output PS(kw)/rpm83.2(61.2)/2500
Engine Oil Capacity (l)10.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)115
Overall Length mm(inch)2400(94.5)
Overall Width mm(inch)1560(61.4)
Overall Height mm(inch)1650(65.0)
Dry (Operating) Weight kg1340(1480)
Tire Size145R12 8PR×2W
Sound Power Level In Decibels db98
Sound Power Level db(a)69
Designated Emmisions RegulationJPN Stage 2
  • C:with After Cooler D:with After Cooler and After Warmer
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • It is available for a trailer type for PDS265SC/SD
  • Sound pressure level is measured at 7m in 4 directions average.